Hosted church follow up

I received the following message from one of our hosted churches this morning – it is a blessing to help ministries out:

Morning!  Wish you could have seen how excited the pastor was last night at church when I told him that our church website was up and running again and was ready for whatever content he wished to have on there!  Called an impromptu deacon's mtg after church so I could tell them about it!  :O)
Yes, I think we will want to keep the Google MAPS app; that is great!  Thanks for continuing to 'hold our hands' with this.  You are a blessing, for sure!
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Joy Baptist Tabernacle – Chattanooga

     Back in 2010 I rescued a domain ( for Joy Baptist Tabernacle in Chattanooga Tennessee. As with all rescued domains, I check to see if the ministry was still in operation each year as the domain came up for renewal, and if it looked like the ministry was still around, I renewed the domain for another year and just went on about the doing the ministry.

     The rescued domains have Basic Church information (name of ministry, pastor’s name, address, service times if I could get them, local weather, links to the Baptist Ministry Database, a Bible Tract for a salvation message, some Christian banners and basic contact information so the ministry can update the information, or get the domain back if they desire to do so).

     I received an email yesterday from a church member of Joy Baptist Tabernacle, asking if I could change the phone number for the church, add an email link, have the website say that the church was "Independent, fundamental, KJV Bible based services.  We are missionary minded and we also STILL sing the old hymns in our song service."  

     He also asked me to add some service times and wanted me to include a google map. Sounded like a regular website to me. He said he didn’t want anything fancy, but I decided to just go ahead and build a WordPress website for them.

     Built the WordPress website last night and they provided me a picture of the church to put up on it.

Joy Baptist Tabernacle

They don’t really want to maintain it, just want a static website so people can find the church. “We really want this for travelers and new people to the area.  We are one of the few remaining churches in the Bible Belt sticking with the old principles it seems.”

     He said they really appreciate our ministry, and thanked us for “keeping their website” for them.

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Another Rescued Domain Return

     Back in 2008, I rescued a domain for North Hazelwood Missionary Baptist Church in Waynesville North Carolina (

North Hazlewood Missionary Baptist Church

     Our “rescue” program kept viable domains that had links to them from other ministries from being taken over by advertisers or worse, porn sites.

     Two weeks ago I was contacted by a church member that was tasked with the chore of trying to determine the best course of action for the church to get the domain back and put content back on the website.

     We talked, she thought they wanted a simple website (at least at first) and might want to develop it going forward. I brought her to my demo website at, and showed her the back end of WordPress, and she thought she could work on it herself relatively easily. is setup to allow people to feel free to try things out in WordPress without having to worry about destroying their ministry websites.

     I told her I could build her a simple website, she could update it a bit and then go to the staff and see if that is what they wanted. We could then make changes going forward, or she could go in a different direction if that was what was needed.

     I built the website and turned it over to her yesterday, she has made some changes and updates to it.

     It is great to see the Lord using our ministry to protect and return these rescued assets to the churches when they are ready to use them again….

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Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall Texas

     We ran into Pastor Duane Crane of Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall Texas last week at the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting. We have been hosting their website ( since 2009 when we met Pastor Crane at the 2009 East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting.

Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall Texas

     Pastor Crane and Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall Texas have provided love offerings to our ministry over the years, and we have visited the church several times before.

     Pastor Crane is doing live streaming of their services on the internet and wanted to discuss how they might be able to share some of their archived services online.

Pastor Duane Crane

Pastor Duane Crane

     On Friday evening (the last night of the Camp Meeting) Pastor Crane asked when we were going to come visit Bethel Baptist Church. I told him we would come out and visit today. He said he would give me some time to present our work to his church.

     Maureen and I went to Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall Texas this morning for Sunday School and the morning service, and I was able to present our work during the morning service.  We were warmly greeted by the members and staff of the church.

     The Sunday school had good solid Bible teaching and there was an excellent message provided by Pastor Crane during the morning service. Maureen and I then had a wonderful time of fellowship with Pastor and Mrs. Crane.

     We discussed how we could provide a venue for making sermons available on their website, allowing Pastor Crane to rotate the sermons in and out as he saw fit.

    If you are looking for a good solid, friendly KJV church in the Rockwall Texas area, give Bethel Baptist Church a visit!

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Church Planting in New Orleans

     This week in the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting we had the pleasure of meeting Terry and Karla Rodgers and their family. Terry is sent out of Unity Baptist Church in Ripley Mississippi and will be church planting in New Orleans Louisiana.

Church Planting in New Orleans

     There are over 1.1 million people living in metro New Orleans, over 45% are unaffiliated with any church body. Church planting in New Orleans sounds as if it fulfills a real need!

     Terry has a Facebook page, and after speaking to Mark Jones the missionary to Hawaii, Terry decided he needed a website, first for the support raising portion of the ministry, and ultimately for the church in New Orleans once it is planted. Mark sent him over to talk to us.

     We talked briefly, and he told me their ministry was called “Missionnola” on their prayer letter. I asked him if he liked “” and he said yes. I told him I would register that domain for him, and build a basic website for him with what information he had on his prayer card, and we could touch base next week and they could then take over and build on the simple framework for the website I had up for them.

     I was able to get the basic website up for them on Thursday – it is a blessing to help support God’s front line soldiers! Please pray for Terry and Karla as they go out to establish a new foothold for Jesus church planting in New Orleans.

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East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting 2016

     This week we have had the opportunity of setting up our display and attending the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting in Canton Texas.

East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting 2016

     Maureen was active in talking with parents and children and handed out many of our Source of Life Bible Correspondence Courses during the week. Last night one 9 year old girl returned a course and told Maureen that the “course was so much clearer than anything I’ve heard before, I received Jesus as my Saviour.” Praise God!

     The preaching at the East Texas Baptist Meeting this week was fantastic, I especially enjoy the preaching of Pastor Mark Thrift (Parkwood Baptist Church in Houston Texas), but the preaching of Harold Clayton and Pastor Ronnie Barefield (Unity Baptist Church in Ripley Mississippi) was great also.

     If you like Gospel Music, the performers are some of the best in the field.

     It was a blessing to participate in the meeting.

     We had a missionary to the big island in Hawaii (Mark Jones) set up next to us. I was able to help him with some issues he was having with his WordPress app. He also had some other support questions I was able to answer. We had some good conversations and fellowship during the meeting.  

The Jones Family

     I also was able to help another missionary/church planter establish a web presence. I will post a separate blog about his ministry tomorrow. I am expecting a call from a local church about helping to get them online sometime next week.

     Overall it was a great week, Maureen and I will need a week to recover!

     We will be heading out shortly to hear some more great music and the fine preaching of Pastor Ronnie Barefield on the final night of the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting.

     Come on down and say hi if you are in the area!

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Faith Baptist Church Teague TX

     Last Sunday night, on the way back from Live Oak Texas, Maureen and I decided to stop in and visit another church we have been hosting a website for since 2006 ( Faith Baptist Church in Teague Texas is a small church in a town about 100 miles south of Dallas.

    Teague Texas is a town with a population of less than 4000 people.

     We lost contact with this church a while back and I wanted to get back in contact with them. They had a nice Facebook page up, with no reference to the website and I needed to find out if they still wanted the website.

Faith Baptist Church Teague Texas

     We arrived after the evening service had already started, the service time on the website was wrong.  The preaching was very good, and Maureen and I were blessed by the service.

     After the service we had some very good fellowship with the Pastor and the people. They definitely wanted to keep the website. They had received visitors in the past that had seen the website and visited the church by way of the website. The young lady that had put up the website had lost the FTP credentials. She had since grown up and moved away.

     I spoke with the young man that created their Facebook page and he seemed eager to have the site on WordPress and be able to interface it with their Facebook website.

     I converted the website over to WordPress this morning (still backed up due to the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting) and have their basic website up with security set up. I will finish installation of the plugins and provide the login credentials over the weekend.

     The church has been a blessing to us. We even saw some of the church members at the camp meeting Monday night!


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New Life Missionary Baptist Church

     We have been hosting a website for New Life Missionary Baptist Church in Live Oak Texas ( for about seven years now. As with several other ministries we lost contact with them. The phone number on their website was disconnected, and the website was the only information coming up for the church on the internet when you did a search on the church.

New Life Missionary Baptist Church

     Out of desperation I put in their address and a picture came up in the Google search engine. It showed the gate leading to the church, with two church signs. On the signs there were service times, no contact information, but the website URL was on both signs.

     I was trying to figure out if the church was still in operation. Then I noticed the date on the picture was February 2016, so the odds that the church was still in operation was excellent.

     Maureen and I decided to drive down and visit the church last Sunday morning.

     The church was indeed still in operation and we had a good visit.  The gentleman that was maintaining the website had a computer crash and lost all his login information and backups.

     There was good preaching by their young pastor. I was able to get the church converted over to WordPress yesterday morning (the camp meeting this week has me a bit backed up). The website is up, and security is installed.

     I have to finish the WordPress installation, but the church information is now updated with a good phone number. When I am finished I will provide their webmaster with the new login information and he can update the website again going forward.

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Protect Your Domain Name

Today I came across another example of how important it is to protect your domain name. I understand that sometimes things happen you just have no control over, but it seems that sometimes a ministry’s domain takes the lowest priority. Unfortunately once something gets around on the internet it can be almost impossible to undo it!

     As I was going through the Baptist Ministry Database today, checking and updating links I came across a link to a Fundamental Independent Church (albeit not a Baptist church, but a church that is in fellowship with other Baptist Churches).  Here is a description of “Faith Chapel” in Carlisle PA from their website:

“We are an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing church located in central Pennsylvania; a warm and friendly congregation welcoming everyone to join us in lifting our hearts together in worship to GOD. We believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of GOD and understand it as the only authority in matters of faith and conduct. We preach the gospel of GOD’s saving grace; salvation through faith in Christ alone. We place a priority on reaching the unsaved through our support of missions, outreach to our community and the daily testimony of our Christian lives. We faithfully adhere to the Word of God in traditional worship services using the KJV.”

     They are a member of the Harrisburg Area Preachers' Fellowship (HAPF) which includes many Baptist Churches. The domain in the Baptist ministries database pointed me to a Faith Chapel website, which identified the Pastor’s wife as the “Worship Pastor.”

     I had to search this website before I finally figured out the Faith Chapel website I was on was in Spring Texas, not Carlisle PA! A search on Google turned up their new website, but the Spring Texas website was STILL in the top ten listing in the search! Further investigation showed this domain was actually now owned by an Assembly of God Church. What would happen if a preacher hit the AOG website and started passing around that this ministry has now gone Pentecostal (that could never happen – could it)? I know that Fundamental Independent Baptists would NEVER spread rumors around, would they? How would you undo something like that once it gets around?

     While this may not seem as bad as hitting a porn website it has the potential of doing more long term damage to your ministry. People hitting a porn website will recognize right away that this could not be your ministry. With the backsliding and compromise so prevalent as we draw closer to the end times, it is far easier to believe that a minsitry has changed, or leadership has changed.

     HAPF still has a link to the old website as do many other locations on the internet.

     It is to your benefit to protect your domain name.

     This is one of the reasons I do not like to take down a ministry’s website, and is why we do not charge for anything we do.

     It is bad enough for the ministry to send people searching for their ministry to the wrong website, it is worse when you have people linked to your website get sent to the wrong place.

     Protect your domain name!

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Updating Display

Updating Display

     Busy getting our display updated for East Texas Camp Baptist Meeting next week…

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