Second Chance Baptist Church Fayetteville NC

Brother Ken Capps contacted me several months ago. Pastor Capps was interested in planting Second Chance Baptist Church in San Antonio Texas.

Second Chance Baptist Church Fayetteville NC

Pastor and Mrs Ken Capps

We registered a domain ( for Second Chance Baptist Church, and I built a minimal website indicating there would be a new church plant in San Antonio.

Pastor Capps currently resided in North Carolina and was planning to move to Texas in March, which was moved off to April, and then to May. I received a phone call from Brother Ken late last week indicating that the Lord had been working on his heart, and that he and Mrs. Capps had ultimately felt called to stay in North Carolina and plant their church in the Fayetteville North Carolina area.

I updated the Second Chance Baptist Church website to indicate that the new church plant would now be an outreach in the Fayetteville area. They have a meeting location set up, are busy passing out tracts (with good response) and are planning on having their first meeting on Mother’s Day (May 13) 2018!

Maureen and I have been praying for brother and sister Capps and Second Chance Baptist Church. It is a blessing to be able to be a part of their ministry!

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From a prisoner in Nebraska

From a prisoner in Nebraska…

Dear FamilyNet International, Thank you so much for my lessons and thank you also for all your hard work and time in sending my lessons to me. Today here at (name of prison) we had snow. It looks like Western Nebraska and down South around here. Could get some snow the weatherman said and he was right. Everything is white again. Winter is not over yet.
Thank you again for my lessons and may God bless everyone and their familys at FamilyNet International. I hope that you all had a good Easter with your family. God bless,

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90000+ Digital Bible Tracts Distributed

We have now “handed out” over 90,000 Digital Bible tracts over the Internet in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Arabic!

If you have been reading our blog or newsletters for any period of time, you know I have an “evangelizing” Facebook account full of about 2500 lost people. I instituted a set schedule posting rotating links to all our tracts in all six languages on Facebook once a month on this Facebook Account.

Additionally, links to Bible tracts (as well as full Bible Tracts) are posted on Internet Newsgroups (imported to Google Groups) as well attached to Bible reading schedules.

Please pray for us to break Digital Bible tracts 100,000 by summer!

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From a Student in Louisiana

From a 68 year old student in LA that began taking our lessons in March of 2015 and has completed all the courses we offer…

Dear Bob and Maureen,
It has been my honor to take the courses you provide. Since 2015, these courses and trues contained therein have helped me to focus on eternal rather than temporal things. At my age, it is easy to become rather cynical about this would. These courses and especially the trues contained there have helped to focus on the facts that God is in control and knows what He is doing. Only He knows the end from the beginning and therefore, only He can be trusted with our past and present as well as our future. All I can say, is keep up the good work. I trust many have and will take advantage of these courses. God bless you

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From a Student in Maryland

From a 61 year old student in Maryland…

I am being refreshed, thank you so much for these lessons.

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Trinity IBC Middleton Tennessee

Last week Pastor Duane Crane, former pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall Texas, contacted me. I had worked with Pastor Crane in the past on the website for Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall and hosted a website for a church plant in Oregon (Columbia River Baptist Church) that Pastor Crane set up.Pastor Duane Crane     Brother Duane and has accepted a church (Trinity Independent Baptist Church in Middleton Tennessee). He called to let me know that he and Sister Brenda were getting ready to relocate. I asked him if he needed help getting a website up for Trinity Independent Baptist Church and he said it would be great.

     We discussed options for a domain name and Pastor Crane decided on I registered the domain and set up WordPress for Brother Duane. We pray that Pastor Duane and Brenda Crane are blessed in their new ministry at Trinity Independent Baptist Church in Middleton Tennessee.

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From a Student in North Carolina

From a 63 year old student in NC…
She just finished the Practical Christian Living course…I have learned not to make a hasty decision when it comes down to buying things. Before doing anything to seek God first and His righteousness and all things will be added. We should be willing to give to God first and then learn how to help those in need.

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From a student in Arkansas

From a student in AR…

This student is taking the Fishers of Men course which is a soul winning course.
With each book there are 8 Bible verses to memorize. She writes, I am working on the memory verses. I have all of them memorized except for 4. (She is in book 2 so she now has 16 verses.) I am reviewing them daily. Thank you.

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Grace Baptist Church Portland Texas

Maureen and I will be heading down to Portland (Taft) Texas this weekend. I have been invited to present our ministry and provide the message during the evening service this Sunday evening, March 18 2018.

Grace Baptist Church
Pastor “Johnny” Bryant
3936 CR 3719
Portland, Texas 78390
(361) 643-2308

If you are in that area please drop in, we would love to meet you!

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From a prisoner in Mississippi

From a prisoner in Mississippi

As with all the Bible study courses I do with FamilylNet I take from this lesson the very reason why Christians must stay in the Word and stay very obedient what God commands us to do according to His Word the Bible.

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